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    Thank you for visiting our space here online! As creators of images and lovers of marriage, we get excited about documenting the stories of awesome people in love. We are digital and film photographers based out of Gainesville, Florida but love to travel to be storytellers. Taking a candid approach to photography, we focus on photographing raw, organic moments to tell stories as the day naturally unfolds. We aim to capture love stories as well as build genuine relationships with our incredible couples. So, take a look around and feel free to reach out! We would love to share a cup of coffee with you. Our hope is that you’d allow us to photograph your day or moment and reflect the beauty of the story…

    the work of His hands.

Wendy & John | Winter Park Wedding Photographer

Kraft Azalea Garden

Picture your freshman year of college. Do you have a clear image in your mind? Now picture the chaos of moving out of the dorms. This was the day that Wendy met John. She had already packed her car and cleaned her dorm and was waiting to be checked out. If you know Wendy, being ahead of schedule is just so her! As she walked down the hall she saw this guy’s room was a complete MESS. We’re talking dust bunnies, trash, spilled drinks on the hardwood floor, clothes everywhere… 18-year-old dude’s freshman dorm. Wendy felt so much empathy for the guy who resided in that dorm, that she decided to go out to her car and bring her Swiffer back up to this poor guy! Little did she know, 5 years later, that boy she helped Swiffer his dorm, would ask her on their first date and 4 years later they’d be married! (Side note: Their wedding hashtag was #SwifferToSchafer ! How darling and unique is that!)

On their wedding day, the ladies were up early for hair and makeup. They wore matching PJ sets and sipped on mimosas while prepping for the wedding day. These girls were so much fun, but what stood out to me while they were getting ready, was how much peace there was in that room. If you’re married, you know that preparing for a wedding day can be pretty stressful. Even the last minute details can be really overwhelming. However, the atmosphere, while they were getting ready, was one of joy, peace, and quiet excitement. I remember asking John what he loves the most about Wendy and he told me that she is the most steady person he knows. I think that steadiness was very much reflected in the moments leading up to their ceremony.

Wendy had her heart set on her First Look happening at Kraft Azalea. If you’re not familiar with this location, it is a stunning garden in Winter Park. The trees in this park are utterly unreal.  However, the weather was not looking promising as we drove to this location. Thankfully, it was not raining when we arrived so were able to allow these two a private (well we were there) few moments with each other. As Wendy made her way towards John, they both wiped back his tears. It was definitely a sweet and emotional moment.

The reception was held outside under strings of bistro lights at the Capen House. It is a quaint, restored two-story home. On sight, there is a beautiful sculpture garden and it is nestled right next to a lake. Rows of tables were set up for the guest with eucalyptus garlands, tall pillar candles, and classic gold touches. I’ve got to say that my FAVORITE part of that reception was the multiple food stations. Bless you Wendy + John! All of the guests watched the sunset over the beautiful lake. It was such a stunning day celebrating Mr. & Mrs. Schafer!

Wedding Invitation SuiteMrs. Ring BoxKraft Azalea GardenKraft Azalea Garden WeddingKraft Azalea Garden WeddingKraft Azalea Garden WeddingKraft Azalea Garden WeddingKraft Azalea Garden Wedding



Band | Phase Band

Bridesmaid Dresses | Bella Bridesmaids

Cake | 4 Rivers 

Ceremony Venue | All Saints Winter Park

Dress Designer | Leanne Marshall 

Dress Shop | The Sentimentalist

Catering |  Arthur’s Catering

Floral Designer | Orlando Flower Market

Groom & Groomsmen Attire | The Black Tux

Hair & Makeup Designer | Makeover Station

Planner | Blush 

Invitation | Minted

Rentals | Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals

Reception Venue  | Capen House- Albin Polasek Museum


Happy Birthday Kim!

staff birthday

Tomorrow is the birthday of our very own, Kim Moller! (We are celebrating a day early because the office isn’t open on the weekends)

With less than a year on our team, our very own Kim has quickly become an integral part of Molliner Photography. As the MP Associate Photographer, she shoots her own weddings and is our resident family photographer. In between her weddings and family sessions, she shoots engagement sessions and second shoots for my weddings! Outside of work, you’ll quickly notice that her love language is quality time, filling up her time and home with people she loves. She is the M O S T outgoing person on our team (HANDS DOWN), sharing her heart with anyone she meets. Before joining the team, I remember during interviews, we would sit and talk for hours. The stranger I was sitting across felt more like an old friend. This woman is thoughtful, kind and energetically optimistic.

We love you so much, Kim! God is so good to bring you into our lives! We wish you another beautiful year full of joy, rich quality time, lots of lattes and peanut butter m&ms.

Favorite Thing about Kim 

I love that she can make friends with literally anyone. At her first wedding, we were walking out with some of the guests and she was chatting and laughing with one of them in a way that felt more personal than just polite friendliness. After they walked away, I asked if they knew each other from before and she said they had just met! She really does treat everyone like a good friend. – Ingrid

I love how eager she was to get started on shooting and her level of energy on wedding days! It was a blast getting to train her. Oh, and the surprise Reese’s cups she would bring me.  – Wayne

Her ability to start a conversation with literally anyone. She is super outgoing! – Tori

Kim is a naturally positive and such a cheerful person. She will see the best in you and in every single situation. Also, she is SO much fun to be around! – Ashley

Something you might not know about Kim

She LOVES Starbucks coffee. She even used to work there! – Ingrid

Kim and her husband own a training gym where people can work out and fellowship through fitness. I’ve been dying for a chance to check it out! – Wayne

Kim has a HUGE servant’s heart. Last semester during finals week, she came over to my house and brought me lunches for the week just to make sure I’d have something to eat during the whirlwind of studying and working. Let me tell you, those lunches were a bigger blessing than she could ever imagine.  – Tori

She is a B I G fan of Mary-Kate & Ashley movies! She has so many lines from their movies memorized. Billboard Dad, It Takes Two, Passport to Paris. Rumor has it, she hasn’t met an MK & Ashley movie she hasn’t liked!  – Ashley

Favorite Memory with Kim

Calling her to officially offer her the Associate Photographer position and explaining every single reason why we felt like this was from God. It was so special to hear what she was praying about on her end and what her heart was going through, while also sharing our side. I love, love, loved that moment! – Ingrid

Besides spending time with her on a wedding day, the MP Christmas Party last year where we got to spend time with her and her family. It was the first time I had hung out with her husband and kids. It felt nice to have our families together. – Wayne

Team Christmas party. Kim has a big personality that’s a lot of fun to be around and I loved watching her interact with her cute kiddos/family. – Tori

One of my favorite memories with Kim was one night after a team meeting. We had finished chatting business and we just sat on the floor eating cake and being with each other. One thing I love about Kim is how intentional and present she is. It was a really sweet time of connecting with one another.   – Ashley

Help us with Kim a HAPPY BIRTHDAY by commenting below!