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    Psalm 19:1 // The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.

    My name is Ingrid and this is my husband, Wayne. We both grew up in South Florida and are both Gators. I studied architecture and he studied exercise science. On 11.11.2011, my wish came true and I got to marry my best friend.

    As creators of images and lovers of marriage, we get excited about documenting the stories of awesome people in love. We are a husband and wife photography team based out of Gainesville, Florida but love to travel to be storytellers. Taking a journalistic approach to photography, we focus on capturing raw moments to tell stories as the day naturally unfolds. We aim to capture love stories as well as build genuine relationships with our incredible couples. Our purpose is to take your day or moment and reflect the beauty of the story...

    The work of His hands.

Lindsay & Casey | Ft Lauderdale Wedding Photographer, Lauderdale Yacht Club Wedding

Since Cinco de Mayo was yesterday, we thought it was the perfect timing to share this fun and festive Lauderdale Yacht Club wedding day from last year! Lindsay and Casey got married exactly one year after their engagement, on Cinco de Mayo! Lindsay wanted a simple and fun, yet elegant, wedding design. Being that she was getting married on Cinco de Mayo, she wanted to play a little on the holiday without it being a full-on fiesta. She went back and forth with her planner on whether to keep the design in mostly neutrals (whites, beige, greens) or to add a pop of color. The exterior of the Lauderdale Yacht Club (her venue) was a blank canvas, so ultimately they decided that was just the pop of color her wedding design needed.

Of course, they couldn’t have a Cinco de Mayo wedding without playing to the theme just a little. The cocktail hour space was where they decided to have a little more fun. Lindsay purchased Mexican blanket serapes to taper the highboy linens and white Mexican wedding “Papel Picado flags” that were hung from the string lights over the dance floor. They traded the traditional wedding cake in for choco ice cream tacos. The florals were tropical and with brightly colored blooms and large pieces of greenery. They even hired a mariachi band to play during their cocktail hour! Every detail of this wedding had the perfect fiesta flair. 

My favorite detail, outside of the bouquets, were the patterned bridesmaid dresses. They paired so well with Lindsay’s classic Amsale Nouvelle wedding gown. Fun fact, Lindsay had originally purchased a different wedding dress when she went shopping with her bridesmaids. She decided last minute to purchase the first dress she had tried on. (however, she didn’t tell anyone) What a sweet moment it was when she SURPRISED her beloved bridesmaids by coming out in her wedding dress. Their reactions were priceless!

Lindsay and Casey’s wedding perfectly highlighted their personalities. Casey is more reserved, allowing his bride Lindsay to be light of the room, bubbly and energetic, a pop of color wherever she goes. I think the juxtaposition of the neutral linens, lush greens and simplistic centerpieces paired well with the pops of tropical floral and fun fiesta-themed décor. It perfectly captured what it is that makes Lindsay and Casey work as a couple. It was a bright and fun-filled day, for arguably, Fort Lauderdale’s most fun couple.  

Tropical BouquetWedding KooziesMexican Blanket SerapesCinco De Mayo Wedding

The talented team of Vendors:

Bride’s Shoes | Stuart Weitzman

Bridesmaid Dresses | Show Me Your Mumu

Catering | Lauderdale Yacht Club

Ceremony Venue | Church by the Sea

Dress Designer / Dress shop |  Designer: Amsale Nouvelle / Dress Shop: Lighthouse Bridal

Favors | Koozies- Windmill Paper

Flowers | Event Bliss

Hair Stylist | Victoria Beauty Stylist 

Invitations | Basic Invite

Makeup | Mara Marinara

Mariachi Band | Puro Mariachi, Bay Kings Band

Planner | Event Bliss

Reception Venue | Lauderdale Yacht Club

Suit designer / Suit shop |  Vineyard Vines (Bowtie and Pants) Hugo Boss (Sport Coat)

Contact us if you’re having a Lauderdale Yacht Club wedding!


Carney Monthbook | April

This is such a special monthbook for me! I’m so excited to share the memories made from this month and finally share some big family news! Let’s start at the beginning of the month.

Emily (from The Ganeys) came to visit! She was in Florida, between weddings, and stayed with us. This was still during the time of Penny’s recovery, so the time with Emily was more of her serving our family by helping with Penny’s meds, picking her up physically and cuddling her. I had different expectations for her visit since I was hoping to have less divided attention and a cleaner home, but … life. The Penny situation still had our lives upside down for a little while into April. Thankful my friendship with her is authentic enough to throw expectations out the window and true enough to be what is needed for the moment. In the middle of her visit, we drove to Miami for the day for a styled shoot at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens! Emily and her friend, Jenn from Bourbon & Blush Events, put together this stunning shoot and invited me to come along and shoot with them! DREAM! After about 10 hours of roundtrip driving, we still had all of the heart eyes. Receiving these film scans felt a kid opening gifts on Christmas morning. I mean, look at this shot below!

Wedding at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Kim had her baby! She is currently enjoying transitioning into being a family of five, with a full house and a full heart. Even without sleep, she looks radiant… like she was made for this.

Speaking of babies…

pregnancy announcement


Surprise! You may have seen me bumping around for the last 6 months. While it was a shock at first, the Lord proved to me (…again) that His timing is better than my own. I had our baby’s anatomical ultrasound this month and received the gender in an envelope. Since Wayne couldn’t join the appointment, we decided to find out together at home. I put a girl outfit, boy outfit and the envelope in a box and handed it over to my friend/neighbor to put together for us. Wayne, Ethan and I sat around the dinner table with the gift-wrapped box at the end of the table waiting for us to open. We finished up our meal and prayed for the child, thanking God for whoever the baby is, for their giftings and for the purpose He has for him or her. The picture on the left shows what we opened up:


Ethan’s going to be a big brother to a little sister and my heart cannot handle it. No puedo! We are so blessed to have the opportunity to raise a great man and now we get the opportunity to raise a great woman. LORD! Both Wayne and I sat there crying, full of joy. Ethan asked why we were “so sad,” so we had to explain to him what happy tears were and shared, “It’s a girl! You’re having a baby sister!” He legit sat there in silence, just staring at us. His reaction was actually pretty comical. Since then, he talks to his baby sister, prays for her and tells everyone that his baby sister is in mommy’s belly. It really is the cutest. When I’m being too loud, he says, “Shhh! Baby sister is sleeping.” That picture of the sandals (above) was taken the moment I was looking for shoes for Ethan (forever looking for boy shoes) and turned the corner to see all of the cute little girl sandals. That’s when it hit me and I had a moment in Target with the Lord.

She will be joining our family this August and we are over the moon. The team and I have been working behind the scenes this month to plan, prep and even train for my maternity leave. Thank God for His timing, His control, and His hold.

Moving on to other sweet moments! Ethan and our neighbor’s toddler had a play date together. By the end of the night, he was saying Griffy was his best friend and it was just THE CUTEST. 

Next up was another awesome brand shoot. These are quickly becoming one of my very favorite things to photograph. I spent the entire afternoon with the talent behind BAUG-haus. Everything she touches is gold. Pretty lucky to have photographed a wedding the following weekend where she designed all of the florals. Her sister, another architecture friend/classmate, was a guest at this one! And, Wayne was the second shooter for this one, as Kim is on maternity leave until mine begins!

Wedding at hillsboro club

The following day, I was given the gift of saying goodbye to my grandmother. Her health was declining faster and we were all being prepared emotionally. Thankful is an understatement because I cannot express the gratitude towards the Lord’s grace and kindness of gifting me goodbyes with both my grandmothers now.

Life didn’t slow down, because I drove from South Florida to Gainesville to pick up Ashley and catch our flight to Raleigh, NC! I had a styled shoot with other photographers in Chapel Hill. Ashley offered to assist the day of, but she did so much more than I imagined, not just serving me but also helping other photographers. Having her there to style, relate to, dream up shots with and pray over my emotions with was so filling. We had so much fun! We even had a celebratory dinner for a job well done at this INCREDIBLE restaurant called Brewery Bhavana. Hands down the best meal and service we had in Raleigh.

Just a sneak of the goodness at the Parlour at Manns Chapel in Chapel Hill.

We spent hours at Heirloom on our last day, co-working and spending time with the Lord. We probably would have stayed there until our flight, but decided to walk to the food hall down the street for burgers and HOT DOG EMPANADAS! Perfect ending.

Soon after, I returned to West Palm to be with family for my grandmother’s funeral. Although I wish the trip was longer than 24 hours and under different circumstances, I’m glad we were all together celebrating her life, from Cuba to the US.

Easter Sunday, Wayne and I served at Greenhouse Church. I got to photograph the service again this year and Wayne helped with the parking team. Favorite part of the service was the worship, 100%. The place erupted with the last song, leaving me on my knees and my cameras on the ground.

Church community in Gainesville

Gainesville Church

Our microchurch had a fellowship night and reunited with our old microchurch for human foosball. It is MORE legit than it sounds. A company called WeFooz set up in the backyard and refereed. Since I’m pregnant, I wasn’t allowed to play… but even being on the sidelines was incredibly intense and so much fun. Almost two straight hours of vigorous 6-min matches.

Church community in Gainesville

Dave’s birthday was this month! We celebrated Tio Dave with a Lion King themed SURPRISE party! It was a treat to see his reaction when he walked through a house full of people who adore him. We love this friend, not because of everything he has done to support our family, but for WHO he is.

The last highlight included the fact that Penny fully recovered by the end of the month! Her scars have healed and she’s back to her normal self. These month books include images that celebrate and remember the Lord’s goodness each month. These month books will always celebrate those things, but, it’s important to note that there are moments of tearful struggles that aren’t photographed. While there IS so much to be excited about, challenging things have been allowed to happen, not because God is not good, but because He promised to be with us (Isaiah 41:10, Zephaniah 3:17, Hebrews 13:5). The feeling of His presence through the challenges proves to be worth more than anything else. I’m not just saying that to be positive, I believe it with all of my heart. Plus, He’s blessed us with our people, the bunch of hands that allow us to be on the receiving end of help. This season has been full, with two major family emergencies in the last two months, my traveling out of town every week and Wayne’s out-of-town internship. The timing of Penny’s recovery was kind of symbolic and poetic since I feel like it mirrors the timing of the recovery from our hurried schedules and our emergencies. I’ll say it again, thank God for His timing, His control, and His hold.

That’s it for April, see you guys in May!

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Michelle Stoker - Ahh congratulations!!! So exciting!! You are beautiful, Ingrid!