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    Thank you for visiting our space here online! As creators of images and lovers of marriage, we get excited about documenting the stories of awesome people in love. We are digital and film photographers based out of Gainesville, Florida but love to travel to be storytellers. Taking a candid approach to photography, we focus on photographing raw, organic moments to tell stories as the day naturally unfolds. We aim to capture love stories as well as build genuine relationships with our incredible couples. So, take a look around and feel free to reach out! We would love to share a cup of coffee with you. Our hope is that you’d allow us to photograph your day or moment and reflect the beauty of the story…

    the work of His hands.

Polly Family | Gainesville Family Photographer

Lizzi & Quintin are brand new parents in the sweet and sleepness season that is newborn la la land.

Their story began about seventeen years ago after meeting each other in their church youth group. Lizzi mentioned to us that Quintin’s passion for Jesus and his desire to keep the Lord at the center of his life was what initially drew her to him. He was also pretty nerdy and sweet. Quintin fell for Lizzi because of how fun she was to be around and how big her heart for people is.

The transition to being parents has taught Lizzi + Quintin that they are far more resilient and capable than they imagined. Lizzi endured a 40-hour labor, followed by lots of sleepless nights with her little man and learning how to care for a tiny human. (For all you parents reading this, feel free to throw some encouragement for them in the comments. You know they need all the love and support in this season)  They are taking one day at a time and being intentionally to laugh at how this new adventure is stretching and growing them. They are also enjoying discovering Preston’s little personality as it is developing and taking shape.

One of my favorite moments from our shoot was stepping back and watching Lizzi hold Preston for her portraits alone with him. Preston might be the most chill baby I’ve ever met. I remember trying to take pictures of Ethan or Selah while they were little and we had to stop photos to take a nursing break or to change diaper…it was the opposite of chill. However, Preston made it about an hour before he made it known that he needed something from his mom. He was so quiet and calm-tempered! Lizzi swayed and talked to him as if she was alone with him. As sleepy and little as he was, every time she spoke, he would look up at her as she was talking. It felt like I was getting a  glimpse of the growing bond between a mother and her son. Watching her with him, her first child, brought back memories of the beginning moments with Ethan.

“Being a parent is a million times more amazing than I could have ever imagined,” Lizzi told me. “So many people tell you how rough it is going to be to have a baby, but the past three months have been the best months of my life and I truly cannot imagine life before we had Preston. It has been the greatest joy to become a mother.”

The Thomas Center
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Katie + Reza | Miami Wedding Photographer

These two met at the gym. Reza was employed there as a personal trainer and Katie was there to work out. She knew instantly that she wanted to get to know that handsome personal trainer. So she did what any girl would do and pretended to have questions about the different machines and where to focus her work out. This series of questioning led to Reza asking her out on a date.

On the morning of their wedding, Katie got ready at her family’s estate. As they got ready, laughter and tears were present as the bridesmaids reminiscing on how each of them met Katie and the impact she has had on their lives. They giggled, cried and toasted to the home that Katie had found in Reza her once personal trainer.

Reza and Katie shared a first look in the entryway of her parent’s home. Reza waited downstairs with his eyes closed as Katie descended slowly down the stairs. He opened his eyes as she took the final step and took in the beauty of his bride. It was such a sweet to capture the emotion and joy of this moment in her home!

The wedding ceremony took place at the Delray Beach Club. These two promised each other their forever’s as the sun shone down and the waves crashed behind them. Their reception began with the couple hosting a receiving line for their guests. This is a wedding tradition that isn’t very popular anymore, but Katie + Reza knew that it was the perfect thing for their wedding. They decided it was important to them that they personally speak with each of their guests and thank them for celebrating their special day with them. They planned to have all portraits take place before their ceremony so they would be able to do this! It was so thoughtful and intentional.

The reception continued with toasts, first dances, and the most delicious wedding cake! The celebration for the couple went on throughout the evening with everyone tearing it up the dance floor as the sun set over the water.

Talented vendors: Film Processor: The Find Lab / Hair + Makeup: Beauty Couture Inc / Planner + Floral Designer: Event Bliss / Venue: Delary Beach Club