favorite moments . 2012

                                         What better way to begin our new blog than with our favorite moments of 2012. This is a collection of our favorite kisses, embraces,

                                         laughs and details from the past year. Some of these images have not been posted yet, but they are still a part of a sweet reminder of

                                         how much 2012 was a blessing to us. Thank you to all of our incredible clients. I can personally say that you have challenged me,

                                         inspired me, stretched me and literally brought me happy tears. There is just something magical about witnessing such moments and

                                         on top of that capturing them.  Sometimes, I really ask myself, “Is this real life?” Thank You, Jesus because it really is.

                                         It has also been a sweet pleasure to work alongside my sweet friends Katie, from KT Crabb Photography and Jackie, from Three Brooklyn

                                         Photography.  Some of my images are from assisting them in doing their thing!

                                         Here’s to being grateful for the moments I’ve been a part of and hopeful for the moments to come.

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