zach + nicole | orlando wedding photographer

I shot this session with my jaw on the floor. I couldn’t get enough of them. Goodness gracious.

I met Nikki in architecture school. No sleep on the daily. We shared a studio and I would see Zach come and visit her. He would sit next to her for hours as she pulled all nighters on her little models. He would be by her side, bring her food and just keep her company.

I’ll be really honest here. When I started my business in college, I secretly always wanted to photograph them. Without a doubt. These high school sweethearts are ridiculously cute together. Fast forward a few years after college and Zach puts a (DAAANG)┬ánice ring on her finger. Nikki and I have dinner and I was asked to photograph the wedding. I felt like I was being photog-proposed to. I even shed a tear, or two. No lie. I wasn’t even pregnant back then.

Their love really is of the sweetest kind. The kind that manifests into the tight hugs, warm giggles and soft kisses. My kind of love, right there. I can’t wait for their wedding this fall. Might need to be picking up my jaw from the floor a couple times. I don’t mind…

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